The Surgical Instrument Support Stand

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The surgical instrument support stand (SSR) is an important piece of equipment for operating rooms in hospitals and clinics. It is widely used in surgical and orthopedic procedures.

Product meet USP CLASS VI. Product meet ISO10993-5. This material is 100% latex free. The performance of products can meet the RoHS &REACH.

The surgical instrument support stand

SSR has good physical properties, durability and scalability and can be used in a wide range of surgical procedures. It is equipped with a variety of features, including surgical lights, microscopes, flush pumps and drug delivery pumps. Based on the application needs, it can be equipped with different functions.
Surgical instrument supports can come in a variety of forms, including vertical, horizontal and lateral. They can be customized or standardized as needed. SSRs can be used in all types of operating rooms.
The SSR provides excellent performance and reliability. It can effectively protect the surgical area and reduce the risk of surgery. In addition, it can effectively improve the quality and reduce the time of surgery.

Product Advantage

Unique design

The unique design of the surgical instrument support frame allows it to be fixed on the operating table as well as mobile.

Multi-functional design

The multi-functional design of the surgical instrument support frame makes it possible to meet the needs of different surgeries.

Quality Assurance

The surgical instrument support frame has a strict quality control system to ensure product quality.

Long service life

The surgical instrument support frame has a long service life and can provide many years of service life.

The surgical instrument support frame is unique in medical equipment and has patented technology. It can completely cover the operating table, making the surgical procedure safer and more efficient.
The surgical instrument support frame is equipped with high quality medical equipment, which can provide the necessary instrument support during surgery.
The reliability and durability of the surgical instrument supports are widely recognized.
Surgical instrument supports provide a series of packaging solutions for users to transport and store.

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