Surgical Instrument System

  • Medical Silicone Surgical Pads

    Medical Silicone Surgical Pads

    Medical silicone surgical pads, also called silicone surgical pads, are a kind of medical silicone products. The main features of silicone surgical pads are antibacterial, antioxidant, heat and cold resistance, and excellent biocompatibility, which can effectively protect patients’ skin from trauma and injury during surgery. Silicone surgical pads are widely used in healthcare facilities such as hospital operating rooms, wards, clinics and clinical laboratories to improve the quality an...
  • Medical Device Handle Cladding Parts

    Medical Device Handle Cladding Parts

    Medical device handle cladding parts are designed for medical devices and are one of the key components of commonly used medical devices, mainly used for the shells of medical device handles, grips, wrap-around ejectors, nail handles, surgical knife handles, sutures, scalpel handles, etc. Its purpose is to enhance the operating performance of instruments, improve the durability and service life of instruments. The main function of the medical instrument handle cover is to cover the handle par...
  • The Surgical Instrument Support Stand

    The Surgical Instrument Support Stand

    The surgical instrument support stand (SSR) is an important piece of equipment for operating rooms in hospitals and clinics. It is widely used in surgical and orthopedic procedures. Product meet USP CLASS VI. Product meet ISO10993-5. This material is 100% latex free. The performance of products can meet the RoHS &REACH. SSR has good physical properties, durability and scalability and can be used in a wide range of surgical procedures. It is equipped with a variety of features, includ...