Silicone Nasal Oxygen Cannula Tube

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Composed of horn type connector, water collector, nose head, fixed ring and nose straw, etc; Prereferred food grade silicone material, high temperature resistance, no deformation, long service life, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and reliable;

Detachable water collector, collect the wall of nasal oxygen tube, convenient cleaning;

Super soft horn mouth design for each brand of oxygen makers and oxygen suction equipment; Super soft removable nose suction head, more hygienic, healthier, large, medium and small three specifications;

Exquisite fixed ring, flexible adjustment, simple operation, easy to use.

Non-toxic and odorless, pure color and luster, no yellowing

Good softness and elasticity, no deformation of twist knot

Long service life, cold and high temperature resistant

Has higher tear strength

Used for medical equipment linking catheter

Newly upgraded food grade material

Product Use Scope:

This product is connected with the oxygen transfer system for human oxygen absorption


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