What are the advantages of medical grade silicone tubing?

Hospital outpatient clinics can generally see a variety of rubber goods, such as medical silicone tubes, syringes silicone plugs, tied in the hands of silicone rope these, the current stage of the medical field in addition to the most number of drugs that is medical equipment, then why silicone products for this much attention?

In fact, silicone rubber products are often commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, mainly because of their own characteristics and construction characteristics related to, for example, for medical drug sealing packaging rubber plugs specified with a certain degree of ductility, after the needle can still maintain the original sealing and sealing, and can not have crumbs fall down. However, the properties of silicone itself cannot meet the requirements of today’s medicine, so it is necessary to modify the material or add some experimental reagents to change its own inadequacies in order to achieve the use of medical treatment.

The two raw materials that are more commonly used at this stage are silicone rubber and polyurethane materials. Polyurethane materials have excellent compatibility, excellent structural and mechanical properties, easy to shape production and processing, and controllable performance; silicone rubber has the advantages of physiological plasticity and good compatibility.

Silicone rubber is a high content of linear polyorganochemical siloxane as the basic, plus some special ingredients, and then in accordance with certain processing technology provisions of the production process, made with a certain compressive strength and elongation of the vulcanized rubber state of polyurethane elastomer.

As a raw material for the pharmaceutical industry, silicone rubber has high heat resistance, air oxidation resistance, hydrophobicity, flexibility, passability, high anti-ageing clarity, physiological plasticity, non-adhesive with human cells and blood night, good microbial adaptability, non-toxic, non-odorous, non-carcinogenic substances and a series of quality characteristics.

Silicone rubber as a high performance medical fibre material, both in the field of vulcanised rubber and in the pharmaceutical industry has suffered from the interest of professionals. The reason for this is that, firstly, as silicone medical materials its high technological content, low cost, high added value and very rich economic returns; secondly, the use of silicone rubber medical characteristics. Both can deal with many difficult points on the medical level, but also can make the patient get satisfactory efficacy; Third, the main use of silicone from the universal, in order to silicone products manufacturers production and fine production and processing, with good socio-economic benefits and economic gains.

From the development and design development trend of medical-grade silicone goods, it seems that its total number and use is gradually rising, and the main uses are constantly developing. At this stage, medical silicone rubber products are widely used in a variety of industries such as oncology, otorhinolaryngology, cardiothoracic surgery, abdominal general surgery, gastroenterology, urology, brain surgery and plastic surgery, such as artificial skull, artificial nose bone, insertion of gastric tube, artificial retroperitoneum, artificial hand joint, artificial skin, subcutaneous tissue expander, artificial chest, etc.

Silicone rubber is a high quality microbial medical fibre material, whether in the field of rubber and plastic products or in the medical industry has suffered from a wide range of professional concerns. At this stage, from the development trend of medical silicone goods and medical sales market requirements, it seems that different types and technical categories are expanding and improving, in the future there will continue to be a large number of silicone rubber goods funds into a variety of medical applications to meet the requirements of different patients!
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Post time: Apr-14-2021