• What is a Foley catheter?

    What is a Foley catheter?

    A catheter is a sterile, thin tube, usually made of latex rubber, that is inserted into the urethra to collect urine. The catheter can be used in patients undergoing surgery or in patients who are incontinent. When the medical device is used, usually in a hospital or medical facility, it is usual...
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  • What are the advantages of medical grade silicone tubing?

    What are the advantages of medical grade silicone tubing?

    Hospital outpatient clinics can generally see a variety of rubber goods, such as medical silicone tubes, syringes silicone plugs, tied in the hands of silicone rope these, the current stage of the medical field in addition to the most number of drugs that is medical equipment, then why silicone p...
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  • The development of medical grade silicone products

    The development of medical grade silicone products

    Silicone rubber as a raw material for medicine after decades of clinical medical use, has long been recognized by the medical community, the use of more and more common, many large enterprises to do medical silicone rubber as a key overall goal of development and design, medical silicone rubber t...
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  • How to choose the right silicone catheter?

    How to choose the right silicone catheter?

    How to choose the right silicone catheter? Compared with the traditional rubber tube, silicone catheter has the advantages of reducing the incidence of infection and reducing urinary irritation. The conventional silicone catheter and Foley silicone catheter were compared. Foley silicone catheter ...
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  • Comparison of different materials of urethral catheter

    With the development of modern science and technology, there are more and more kinds of catheter materials, such as silica gel, rubber (latex), PVC and so on. The characteristics of latex tube are good elasticity, the general tension range can reach 6-9 times of itself, and the rebound rate is 10...
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  • Introduce melt spray line

    Since February 2020, COVID-19 has been spreading rapidly, and many countries around the world have been deeply affected by the epidemic. In China, although the epidemic situation has been controlled, some experts believe that the current high temperature can only tempora...
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  • Customer visiting

    On October 25, 2019, customers from Canon Japan came to visit our company for field visits. High-quality products and services, strong company qualifications and reputation, and good industry development prospects are the important rea...
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  • Company about product development and learning

    In order to improve the staff's business quality and ability level, master a variety of knowledge and skills, not only can meet the needs of project management, at the same time for the company to develop comprehensive reserves of talent. In December 2019, our company co...
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  • MEDICA, Dusseldorf, Germany

    From November 18 to 21, 2019, Jiangsu Richeng Medical Co., Ltd. participated in the "international hospital and medical equipment supplies exhibition" held in Dusseldorf, Germany. The exhibition is a world-famous comprehensive medical ...
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