Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:Can your products bring guests' LOGO?


Q:What are the technical indicators of your products?

A:Medical device quality system

Q:What are the differences between your products in the same industry?

A:Quality assurance, material assurance

Q:Does your company charge mold fees? how many?

A:When the single quantity is large, you can negotiate with the customer to reduce or return the mold fee, usually charging the mold customization fee.

Q:What certifications has your company passed?

Q:ISO13485 + CE certification, RoHS and reach certification

Q:What patents and intellectual property rights does your product have?

A:15 utility model invention patents

Q:How long is the normal use of your mold? How to maintain daily? What is the production capacity of each mold?

A:The service life of the mold is divided by the number of practical times, generally 100000 times. The mold is stored at room temperature, oiled and rustproof. The production capacity changes according to the size of the mold to ensure the maximum production capacity design under the same conditions.

Q:Does your product have MOQ? If so, what is the minimum order quantity?

A:Minimum order quantity, subject to shift production

Q:What testing equipment does your company have?

A:Caliper, projector, aseptic table, vulcanization meter, etc

Q:Are your products traceable? If so, how is it implemented?

A:Each batch of products has a unique production batch number, which can be traced back through the production batch number.

Q:What is the product yield of your company? How is it achieved?

A:98%, through demanding product design, strict quality control, and perfect skill training.

Q:What is the life cycle of your product?

A:Medical products are generally disposable consumables, but the retention time in the body is longer than PVC. Silicone foley catheter can be retained in the body for 28 days.